In an ideal world, Nightmares would not exist. We would live our lives without fear or thrill, oblivious of the darkness out there. Fortunately, this is not the world we live in. Our lives are imperfect, erratic, full of unexpected moments, unpredictable journeys. Horror is about being alive, watching our surroundings and adapting to changes & danger. It’s a metaphor of what life is about: by facing my fear I might have a chance to adapt & change. wants to inspire you in that journey with hundreds of films from talented film makers. Because every time you experience the unknown, the unpredictabile of horror, you get stronger, closer to life, to survival, to your instinct. That’s what horror & thrillers are about: the unpredictability of life. And will teach you through great stories the art of unpredictability.


This platform is a social hub where horror talents can connect, have discussions, and make comments to learn the tricks to creating great films. We want the best examples of horror visionary work to provide the best material for horror fans. carefully curates content to only select the most effective & smart horror and thriller shorts. Share your material and follow us. You will grow to trust us and come back with more thrill to explore the darkness in this world. Leave us your comments at


H.P. Lovecraft once said that the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. With, we want to honor that legacy. We have created a free-platform to share and promote the best horror storytellers in the world. We believe the world has no borders, and so does horror. You can learn from talented filmmakers from Japan, Hungary, Spain or the US. We hope you will enjoy a ride into the realm of horror & thrillers, and be inspired to create your own content. Follow us, like us and maybe someday support us in the dark journey of promoting the best of indie horror.

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Our goal is to expose your voice, your talent. Thus, each film published will have a direct link to a director website. Therefore, our audience can learn more about the director, his career, and future projects.

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Curating content is the great way to support talents, expose unseen film makers to the community. Our goal is to provide the best of horror. Through that journey we hope to reveal great talent to potential producers, and managers.

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In the long run, we aim to offer you more immersive experience mixing content, and UGC to lead horror into an immersive permanent world. Stay tuned & send us your feedback.

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Last but not least, aims to share advice about the best storytelling/film making technique aspects to create horror content. Inspired by the best indie shorts we want to find & share the most effective ways to build storytelling tension by working with actors, as well as sound and light design.

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We are horror lovers, thriller makers, explorers of the Unknown.