This horror short film produced by the collective is a brilliant & tense 10 min horror film. Only UK talents (in the vein of Christopher Smith or Danny Boyle) can apprehend reality in such harsh & crude way.

Watch it if you like: Clive Barker/ Christopher Smith / Gore films / Highly-tense situation
Watch the film here BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

WHO IS THE TALENT? is an independent studios located in the UK who produced free horror films. They have release is a series of short horror films online at, from 2011-current. Here more info about this studios.


One night, while playing Ouija, 5 friends awaken by mistake a ferocious Demon playing Ouija. Now trapped in the same apartment with the monster, they’ve got to find a way to escape without moving an inch.


Thanks to the amazing off screen opening credits, we don’t know the characters but get a clear sense of the situation in less than…30 seconds! Setting the situation in the opening credits, using sound of-screen is a perfect example of the power of the ellipsis in cinema: It teaches us that the best way to write a scene is the start it in medias re (when the action already started) and to end it as soon as possible.


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